Behind the Brand: Wild Hearts Wonder

We caught up with sisters – and founders of Wild Hearts Wonder – Mairead Wright and Emily Wilton-Keely to talk all things children’s interiors and inspiration. We’re never quite sure where our little ones imaginations take them when they drift off to the Land of Nod. No doubt there are epic adventures, curious encounters with magical creatures and copious amounts of love and laughter. Mairead Wright and Emily Wilton-Keely, founders of Wild Hearts Wonder, firmly believe imagination is the most p

10 Things Every New Mum Needs To Know

Things every new mum needs to know, as you embark on your motherhood journey… and a friendly reminder you’re doing an amazing job! Becoming a new mum is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed, particularly with the rise of parenting influencers and Instagram gurus giving off a picture perfect image of motherhood. Things don’t always run as smoothly as seen on screen and we’re on a mission to crack down on unrealistic expectations when it com

How to Host a Stylish Wedding in Your Garden

Following the British government’s announcement that, from 17th May, weddings and receptions can take place in private gardens with up to 30 people, DIY and garden weddings are set to be a growing trend. For many couples hoping to tie the knot this summer, the news weddings with up to 30 people can take place from 17th May is very welcome indeed. However, those that are scrambling to lock in their desired venue, keep hold of deposits and plan a wedding in less than 30 days may be pleased to kno

11 Relaxed Wedding Dresses for the Laid-Back Bride

An elaborate ball gown isn’t for everyone, and with wedding trends ever changing, more brides are opting for a laid-back, uber-cool and relaxed bridal style for the big day. Your wedding day should be completely and utterly you, and that includes your dress. You should both feel and look your beautiful best, and if that means ditching those traditionally ideals of a what a wedding dress should be, then we’re all for it. And with recent events changing the way weddings play out – and forcing us